Navnath Plastic Industries

Navnath Plastic Industries, We are Manufacturer & Supplier of Plastic Valves Products.

Products Category


UPVC Ball Valve

Our main product is UPVC Ball Valve which is very much demanded by the buyer in the market. We manufacture different types of UPVC ball valves such as concealed, Nylon Handle, Long Handle MS Plate. We have different models of these products. These UPVC Ball Valves are available in different color such as White, Black & Threaded. Different sizes are also available ranging from ½" to 4".

CPVC Ball Valve

CPVC Ball Valve is one of the most advanced products of Navnath Plastic. This CPVC Ball valve is applicable to industries like chemical production, this ball vales are also applicable where water & industrial water treatment are engaged. Beside these it is widely accepteed by the industries like plating & metal treatment. These Valves are available in plain color with two sizes such as 1" & 2".

Solid Ball Valve

Our next product & category consist of Solid Ball Valve. These Solid Ball Valves are available with different colors such as White, Black, Threaded, Gray. Different models are also available such as Long Handle MS Plate & so on. Sizes of these Solid Ball Valves differ depending upon the client's requirement. Our standard sizes are ½" to 4".

Single Piece Ball Valve

We feel immense pleasure to introduce our next product i.e. Single Piece Valve. These valves are made from using the single component of raw material & that's why it is called as single piece valve. We have advanced single piece valve. Color availability is black & sizes ranging from 32mm to 80mm

Non Return Valve

Moving forward to our next product i.e. Non Return Valve. These Valves are also known as Plastic Check Valves. We have two demanding models in this category with Black color & sizes are varying from 50mm to 100mm. Different types are available like Slim Type, Globe Valve, Solid NRV etc.

PVC Flush Valve

Navnath Plastic is one of the trusted brands when it comes to manufacturing & supplying PVC Flush Valve. These Flush Valves are available in different sizes such as 32mm to 65mm & color availability is White & Black.

Foot Valve

Foot Valve is Navnath Plastic's most demanding & popular product. These Foot Valves are available in different models such as Nut-Bolt, small springs. Color availabilities are: Blue, Black and Green. Sizes of these foot valves differ from 15mm (½") to 80mm (3").